It’s time to celebrate!


We’ll be recognizing some of our best and brightest high Achievers, from newcomers all the way to experienced superstars, in the following categories:

  • 2021 first-time New President’s Recognition Program Achievements at the McConnell,  President’s Council and Inner Circle Level (C17 – C24)
  • 2021 first-time New Leadership Achievements (C17 – C24) at the Gold Leader and Bronze Executive Leader level and above
  • 2022 Executive Milestone Anniversaries (30+ years)
  • 2021 first-time Diamond Club Achievers and those requalifying
  • 2021 first-time Concierge Program Achievers and those requalifying
  • 2021 Avon Guiding Spirit Honoree

These recognition events are for all attendees, and we’ll need everyone at home to help us get the celebrations going. Make sure to post your viewing set-up and event outfits on social with #AvonKickoff. You just might win a prize. Plus, we’ll share our event menus to help inspire you as you prep meals to enjoy during the show.

Event or registration questions? Reach out!

Call: 1-877-642-7124
Monday to Friday: 8 AM ET – 11 PM ET


In all email correspondences, please include your full name and Avon account number within the message.